Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pulsar vs Karizma.

Hello friends. My name is Shyam.  Let me start it directly, people buy different bikes play a different role but... it is upto you who make things worse, people buy different bikes to satisfy themselves, if you are a person valuing money and time please leave this blog immediately,  it doesn't matter a few readers left. First of all bikes are for commuting purpose, to transport from one place to another, but why do people buy bigger bikes to dignify them self, to propose to the other that he is better than others. Normally the younger are for it, they are attracted by the speed and furious. The first comes the old lion ZMA they have a name for top speed 124 km/h, with 16.7 bhp and 223cc engine. Even though its CC is greater it is not so fast as the new generation bikes. That is because the bike has a much lower BHP rhis is causing the bike ti have a lower end power when it comes to racing. on the other hand Pulsars are going greater, it dosent matter quality is good or not the people buy it for its aggressiveness and speed other that the ZMA, I own a pulsar 200 but there are some minor problems becuse it is around 20K like the chain, sprocket and the gear problems. The bike seems to have the feeling that it has a loose grip on road but it really has a better than I thought, once initiating a turn I thought I am going to slide I gave up, and was about break when the footrest started to scratch the road, and sparcles of fire started to come of it, I am used to it because it used to come of its stand all time I Ride rashly. at that point the bike was stil in balance and I started to initate the bike to a normal position later. But  I dont think this could happen to Karizma. Because the ZMA has power but no grip they give all thei brands the same tyre and no MORE. The Pulsars on the other hand get all the Gizmos that make it popular with the younger. The recent launch of the 135cc class made a more revolution in the biking. No bike of its class is capable of doing it.

Always be Indian Buy Indian- You know what I mean.